There is a wide range of excursions around Torgau!
Nature, heathland, mills and a magnificent stud await you

Culture and nature can be combined well in Torgau and the surrounding area. The wooded areas of the Dübener and the Dahlener Heide invite you to hike and relax. Dreamy little towns exert their charm. A visit to the animal parks in Herzberg or in Eilenburg is recommended for families. Not only horse lovers get their money’s worth in the Saxon main stud Graditz. The newly renovated baroque castle, the stables, the park and the four-legged friends who live here inspire young and old alike. Tip: there is a beautiful line of sight from the castle park to Hartenfels Castle.

North Saxony is also a mill region. Committed clubs and private owners ensure that the old craft is not forgotten. On special occasions, the Müllerlieschen comes from the Mühlen region all the way to Torgau and takes guests on their way through the historic old town. Things get exotic in Döbrichau, where the Richter family has given numerous reptiles a home in their reptile zoo.

Enchanted castles, manor houses and mansions can be found in East Elbia, where you can also cycle or hike.

World of reptiles

Main stud Graditz


Lakes in the area