Welcome to the world of reptiles

Reptile zoo in Döbrichau (11 km from Torgau)

The privately run zoo gives its guests instructive insights into the interesting and species-rich world of reptiles.
A reptile show takes place several times a day, in which different species of reptiles are presented. Feeding the animals is also an experience.

The five largest species of boa snakes in the world are at home in the snake house. The zoo is also home to crocodiles, geckos, lizards, agamas, insects, scorpions, frogs, turtles, newts and crabs.

A large playground with toys, table football and bouncy castles is available for younger visitors. Feeding is allowed in the petting zoo.

World of reptiles
Feldstraße 3
04886 Beilrode/district Dobrichau
Telephone 0180 / 500 96 91