Torgau and the Reformation

Torgau was the political centre of the Reformation, and many important decisions were made here in the former capital of the Electorate of Saxony. Martin Luther stayed sixty times in the city. His reformist ideas were supported by the Electors at Hartenfels Castle and the rich bourgeoisie of Torgau.

The Reformation and Luther City of Torgau

Torgau was the political centre of the Reformation. Indeed, Wittenberg is said to be the mother of the Reformation, and Torgau is described as the midwife.


Churches and Reformation Sites in Torgau

Torgau’s skyline is not only shaped by Hartenfels Castle, but also St. Mary’s late-Gothic hall church. The first mention of a Romanesque basilica here dates back to the 12th century.