Small Gallery in the Freihaus

Presentation of Fine Art in One of the Oldest Houses in the City

The Torgauer Kunst- und Kulturverein Johann Kentmann e.V. has traditionally focussed on the organisation of exhibitions. The vernissage held at each exhibition allows visitors to speak to the artists directly. “Culture lives on wherever people create it”. These objectives are pursued in the most creative of ways by five working groups (children and adults) – poets, photographers, painters and dancers – at exhibitions, discussion evenings, readings, dancing events and workshops. The association serves many cultural interests and runs 19 other galleries in North Saxony. The association’s headquarters are located in one of the oldest buildings in the city of Torgau, where two permanent exhibitions are on display: “Johann Kentmann, the City Physician of Torgau”; and “Samuel Hahnemann and Homoeopathy”.

The comprehensive list of cultural activities offered by the Torgauer Kunst- und Kulturverein Johann Kentmann e.V. is rounded off with special exhibitions.

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