Renaissance – The Golden Era of the City of Torgau

Torgau is one of the most beautiful Renaissance cities in Germany. Its cityscape has been shaped by this era. Hartenfels Castle, the mighty town hall, and several magnificent patrician houses and smaller houses date back to this period. With special tours, the Torgau Museum Trail and a little imagination, your visit to Torgau will take you back to the early 16th century.

Torgau in the time of the Renaissance

Torgau was the capital of the Electorate of Saxony during the Renaissance and almost a big city with 6,000 inhabitants. Business and trade experienced a heyday. The historic old town center is still today a reflection of this former importance and power.

The Saxon electors at Hartenfels Castle

The Saxon electors Frederick the Wise, John the Constant and John Frederick the Magnanimous resided at Hartenfels Torgau Castle during the Reformation.