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⇒ Play and sports park

Torgau’s most beautiful, newest and most action-packed playgrounds can be found on the grounds of the State Garden Show 2022.

Where? Street access: At the city park, parking also available at Wolffersdorffplatz

What? Play and climbing park with outdoor fitness equipment, trampoline, table tennis and teqball table. A skate park, the oak playground, the small petting zoo “Torgauer Arche”, a beach volleyball court and the “Deichgucker” lookout tower are in the immediate vicinity towards the Elbe.

You can reach the planetary playground in the old town in just a few minutes on foot from the castle – along pretty gardens along the old city wall – or from the market – down the Bäckerstraße.

⇒ Galactic planet playground in front of old city walls

Where? Unter den Linden (central – only 500 m from the market square)
What? Space playground with climbing course, hanging carousel, mountain slide, rotating game, planet belt

TIP: Enjoy coffee, ice cream and homemade cakes in the “Stadtidyll” café, right next to the playground.

There are also three playgrounds lined up in the Torgau city park, the Glacis. Perfect for showing the little ones a new destination on your walk together while you enjoy the lush green of the park.

⇒ Playground in Glacis I

Where? Between Dr.-Külz-Ufer and August-Bebel-Straße
What? two tire swings, playground with slide, climbing net, sliding pole and staircase with climbing rope, seating

⇒ Playground in Glacis II

Where? Wolffersdorffstraße, Wolffersdorffstraße entrance in the direction of Bahnhofstraße
What? Balancing pole, play area with swing, slide, fireman’s pole, play tower and climbing ladder, seating

⇒ Crane playground in the Glacis

Where? Bahnhofstraße entrance just before the intersection with Dr. Külz Ufer
What? Big crane for climbing and sliding, climbing and playing facilities for the little ones, sand for digging, seating

⇒ Large playground at the Glacis

Where? Entrance Glacis / corner of Friedrich-Naumann-Straße and Röhrweg
What? Large hanging seesaw, balancing spring seesaws, sandpit, balancing facilities, climbing frame with net, rung ladder, sloping climbing ascent and stepped bar, seating

⇒ Playground in the lido

Where? Strandbadweg 70
What? Climbing, hanging and sliding at the Great Pond and right next to the campsite. Subsoil: fine pebbles

⇒ Playground at the Festwiese

Where? behind Kaufland (Turnierplatzweg) at the residential complex
What? Sandpit, seesaw, modern yellow-blue play area with slide, hanging possibility, rungs and balancing ropes

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