10 Reasons to visit Torgau

1. Renaissance

As a former Kurs-Saxon residence town in the 16th century, Torgau was able to preserve many magnificent buildings of this heyday and is today one of the most beautiful Renaissance Cities in Germany.

2. Reformation


Torgau is considered the political center of the Reformation-more than 60 stays of Luther are occupied. The authentic Reformation sites among them the Castle Chapel, the first Protestant Church Building, can still be visited and experienced today.

3. Elbe

Torgau was first mentioned over a thousand years ago at an Elbefurt and at the intersection of major long-distance television roads. The interplay of historic old town and river opens up wide recreation and leisure opportunities via Elberadweg and the nature of the Elbauen.

4. Living History

With around 20 museums and exhibitions, Torgau offers an entertaining museum offering. A few hundred years of city history are reflected behind magnificent facades in Renaissance residences and in impressive revisions or collections.

5. Residence

Torgau was the residence of the Saxon Electors in the 16th Century. Schloss Hartenfels is the most important castle of the German early Renaissance and for a long time, even when the farm already resided in Dresden, was considered the most modern residential castle of Saxony.

6. Käthe

Torgau is the city where Katherina von Bora began her journey into bourgeois life and where her life’s journey ended. In the City church of St. Mary, her tombstone donated by her children is located. The Katharina Luther museum is the only museum dedicated to her.

7. Fortness

Torgau was converted into a fortress on Napoleon’S Quest from 1811. The preserved fortifications are not only a respectable cultural monument, they are also an outstanding example of fortress building in Germany.

8. Horses

Torgau District of Graditz houses the Saxon Main Stud is one of the oldest Saxon horse breeding sites. It is known for breeding horses of Breeds German Riding horse and English Thoroughbred.

9. Nature

Torgau is surrounded by three Pagans. These forest areas with meadows and ponds, along with the Elbe meadows, create a good balance with the architecture of the historic old Town.

10. We are looking forward to see you!

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