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Vibrant History

1. Renaissance
Torgau has preserved many of the magnificent buildings from its former days as the residence of the Saxon Electors in the 16th century, and it’s now one of the most beautiful Renaissance cities in Germany.

2. Reformation
Torgau was the political centre of the Reformation – over 60 of Luther’s visits are documented. Authentic locations of the Reformation, such as the castle chapel (the first Protestant church), can still be visited and experienced today.

3. Elbe
Torgau was first mentioned over a thousand years ago as a town situated by a ford along the Elbe at an intersection between important long-distance trade routes. A wide range of leisure activities can be enjoyed in the historic old town, along the Elbe Cycling Trail path, and in the floodplains of the Elbe.

4. Vibrant History
Torgau has around 20 exciting museums and exhibitions. Several hundred years of city history are reflected by the magnificent façades of the Renaissance houses and the impressive renovations and collections.


Katharina von Bora



5. Residence
Torgau was the residence of the Saxon Electors in the 16th century. Hartenfels is the most important castle of the early Renaissance in Germany and was long seen as the most modern residential palace in Saxony, even after the court had been moved to Dresden.

6. Katharina von Bora
Torgau is the city where Katharina von Bora began her life outside the monastery and where she died. Her commemorative plaque can be found in St. Mary’s Church, and the only memorial dedicated to Luther’s wife is located on Katharinenstrasse.

7. Fortress
Torgau was developed into a fortress at the behest of Napoleon in 1811. The preserved fortifications are more than just a considerable piece of cultural heritage; they’re also an excellent example of fortress architecture in Germany.

8. Horses
The district of Graditz in Torgau is home to the “Sächsiches Hauptgestüt”, one of the oldest horse breeding farms in Saxony. It’s known for breeding German riding horses and English thoroughbreds.


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9. Nature
Torgau is surrounded by three heaths. These woodlands with meadows, ponds and the floodplains of the Elbe create a nice balance between the architecture of the historic old town.

10. We look forward to seeing you!
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