Hartenfels Castle – Pearl of the German Early Renaissance

The courtyard of Torgau’s castle features impressive and unique architecture from the German early Renaissance, magnificently reflecting an era in which Hartenfels served as the residential palace for the Electors of Saxony.

The Grosser Wendelstein is a spiral staircase that was constructed in front of the Johann-Friedrich-Bau, featuring precious ornaments. Its steps lead upwards without supporting columns. It’s a real architectural masterpiece!

Architect Konrad Krebs built this representative wing of the castle with its vast hall and other festivity rooms between 1533 and 1536. The interior was largely created by Lucas Cranach the Elder in his workshop.

The magnificent portal on the first floor features a bust of Frederick the Wise, the medallions of Elector Johann Frederick and his wife, and a small portrait of Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon. It used to be the entrance to the great banquet hall.

Following reconstruction work over the past few centuries, administrative rooms are now located behind the magnificent façade.

However, you can also book exclusive special tours of the mysterious Spiegelstube at the top of the Grosser Wendelstein, where you’ll be able to see original Cranach paintings.

The panoramic view from the Wendelstein staircase features the late Gothic Albrechtsbau to the left with exhibitions and the ticket office, the youngest wing of the castle from the 17th century in the centre, and the wing facing the Elbe on the right with the Torgau castle chapel and exhibitions. The “Schöner Erker” is a rich and beautiful oriel featuring the medallions of Judith and Lucretia next to the portal of the castle chapel. This was one of the chambers occupied by the former Electors and can be visited as part of the permanent exhibition “Bold. Biblical. Beer”.

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