Conference rooms in Torgau

For conferences or gatherings, there are rooms and objects with different equipment and in different sizes available in Torgau. Overnight accommodation and the appropriate supporting program can be booked in the Torgau Information Center. For more information, call 03421 70 14-0.

Culture house

max. 420 seats

Data sheet (german)

Culture bastion Torgau

max. 200 seats

Data sheets (german)

Hartenfels castle

Plenary hall max. 240 seats

Data sheet Plenary hall (german)

Heinrich Schütz hall max. 90 seats

Data sheet Heinrich Schütz hall (german)

Castle yard

max. 1.600 seats

Data sheet Castle yard (german)

Electoral Chancellery

max. 60 seats

Data sheet Electoral Chancellery (german)

Former superintendent

max. 100 seats

Data sheet Former superintendent (german)

Blue Salon in the Freihaus

max. 40 seats

Data sheet Blue Salon in the Freihaus (german)

Baroque palace – city library

max. 70 seats

Data sheet Baroque palace (german)

Historical Sudhalle

max. 60 seats

Data sheet Historical Sudhalle (german)