Hiking opportunities in and around Torgau

Nature on the doorstep of Torgau has a lot to offer. We have listed our recommendations for hiking routes and longer walks for you.

We are happy to provide you with maps for hikes and of course bike tours in Torgau and the surrounding area. Drop by the Torgau Information Center or send us an email or give us a call! We also ship.

A lap around the Great Pond (8km)

For the 8 km long, idyllic circuit around the Great Pond, which is located on the outskirts of Torgau and is a nature reserve, you need about 2 hours. The path mostly leads directly to the pond and along the edge of the forest. Part of the route is covered on a quiet road. On the round you will pass the Biberhof, the campsite and the lido (with playground). The restaurant “Am Entenfang” offers a place to stop. Swimming in the Great Pond is not recommended.


This round is also perfect for jogging and Nordic walking – plus small extensions!

Walk around Torgau – Das Glacis (4 km)

The glacis used to belong to the Torgau fortifications. It completely surrounds Torgau and is criss-crossed with walking and cycling paths. The 4 km long tour takes you past the Torgau harbor basin, the Elbe and Hartenfels Castle. This small hike is particularly interesting for children because of the three playgrounds that are passed.


This round is also perfect for jogging and Nordic walking.

The Natura 2000 discovery tours

Natura 2000 is a coherent network of protected areas in the EU to safeguard biological diversity as part of the natural heritage for future generations.

In order to get to know the natural treasures right on your doorstep and learn to protect them, eight great hikes for nature explorers have been selected.

Natura 2000 is a project of the Landscape Conservation Association Torgau-Oschatz e.V. The association also offers guided hikes.