Cinema & concerts at the Kulturbastion

When was the last time you saw the latest cinema film between old fortress walls? This is possible in the Torgau culture bastion. The cinema offers space for approx. 100 people and has the most modern standards. In addition to the top films, alternative productions are also shown. The culture bastion is known beyond the city limits for its talent to get stars and starlets to Torgau. After you have enjoyed a reading, a cabaret or a concert, the bar invites you to a popular nightcap. Enjoy a great evening!

The culture bastion is run by the KAP – Kulturelles Aktionsprojekt Torgau e.V. The non-profit, socio-cultural association pursues the goal of promoting alternative culture in Torgau and the surrounding area, and with great success.

Which films are currently showing in the Kulturbastion?

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