Aquavita Sport and Leisure Pool in Torgau

The Aquavita Sport and Leisure Pool in Torgau is the perfect place for anyone looking to exercise or unwind. Sauna evenings and family sauna days are regularly held at its state-of-the-art facilities. The bathing area has pools for swimmers and non-swimmers, as well as a heated outdoor pool. The large lawn and playground lets visitors enjoy the charm of an open-air pool in summer.

The sauna area lets you relax in a variety of ways, featuring six saunas and an attractive sauna garden with a water fountain, nature trail and sun terrace. Peace, light, warmth and selected fragrances will give you a welcome break from everyday life.

Spa lovers can also enjoy soothing massages, treatment packages and floating therapy at Aquavita in Torgau.

Aquavita Sport- und Freizeitbad Torgau
Nordring 14
04860 Torgau

Tel: 03421 77 32 70
Fax: 03421 77 32 720