Cycling Trails in Torgau  

There’s lots of nature to be discovered on a cycling tour around the Grosser Teich. The lake was created as a fish pond in the 15th century and is now used as a fish farm and habitat for lots of waterfowl and other animals. It’s also worth stopping off at the beaver farm, and there are lots of idyllic places to take photos on the outskirts of Torgau.

The Fortress and Discovery Trail takes you through the city centre and its outskirts, where parts of the Saxon fortress built at Napoleon’s behest can still be seen today. The glacis forms part of the fortifications and surrounds the city centre like a green belt that’s interspersed with walking and cycling paths.

Grosser Teich (suitable for children, 5 km)

Fortress and Discovery Trail (16 km)

The Glacis (4 km)