Hartenfels Castle, a Princely Court of the Renaissance

Hartenfels is the only castle that has been preserved from the early Renaissance in Germany. It was the residence of the Saxon Electors in the 16th century. The residence was then moved to Dresden. This tour lets visitors feel the splendour of the Renaissance, surrounded by the magnificently restored architecture of the castle. If you use your imagination, you can envisage the precious furniture, paintings and vast 700 m² banquet hall.


  • The tour prices includes 19 % VAT and applies to groups up to 25 persons.
  • surcharge for each additional person € 1.00 per hour
  • 1 hour: € 100.00 I 2 hours: € 130.00 I 3 hours: € 165.00
Entrance fee for the churches, exhibitions or museums is to be calculated in addition to the guide price.