Historic Old Town of Torgau

“Torgau’s buildings surpass the beauty of antiquity…”, said Martin Luther around 500 years ago. And tourists are still amazed by the early-Renaissance Hartenfels Castle, the large market square with its imposing Renaissance town hall, and the magnificent patrician houses. Torgau was the capital of the Electorate of Saxony in the 16th century and is one of the most beautiful Renaissance cities in Germany. The excellently restored and almost fully preserved historic old town lets you travel back in time, reflecting over a thousand years of Torgau’s impressive history. Are you interested in visiting the favourite palace of the Saxon Electors, important locations of the Reformation, fortifications and sites that have borne witness to the city’s recent history? The staff at our Tourist Information Centre will be happy to help. Our city tours, audio guide and app will accompany you on your journey of discovery through the city, helping you find the best sights, museums and exhibitions in Torgau.