The green Renaissance town of Torgau invites you in the year 2022 to the 9th Torgau Horticultural Show (LAGA).


From April 23 to October 9 2022, a festival of garden art, -design and -culture can be experienced in Torgau on an area of ​​approx. 24 hectares.

The heart of the LAGA are the two Glacis sections with “Eisbahnwiese” and the newly created “OrnisSteg” for nature and bird watching. The Young Garden connects the Glacis with the newly discovered “Eichwiese” recreation area. The Elbe floodplain can be seen from the “Deichgucker” vantage point and rare animal species can be admired in the “Torgau Arche”.

The Horticultural Show in Torgau is a destination for all generations. Great playgrounds, a skate park and a beach area invite you to linger and be active. From the flower hall and the concert square it is only a few minutes’ walk to the city centre, which is worth seeing with Hartenfels Castle, the Bärengraben and the historically valuable old town.

According to the theme: nature. Person. Story.

You can find more information on the website of the Torgau Horticultural Show and the “Förderverein Landesgartenschau 2022 Torgau e.V.”

Guided tours during Horticultural Show

The site plan of the State Horticultural Show in Torgau: